housewives of paris fashion week
A blog that was created to receive confessions about the divas that run to fashion shows as a sport, photographers use their jobs to hunt ladies and designers whose biggest passion is making the models cry. The crew is not taking any responsibilities for confessions showing the aim of Karlie's cookies as making models fat and preventing them from booking fashion shows.

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LOL I love your response to that anon mad about the JLaw/Karlie confession

I am not completely sure if she got angry at the confession that we are talking about 

but I’m like 99.9% sure 

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I swear that candice confession has been on literally all the confessions sites on tumblr,why keep sending it in?

I’m here to publish people’s opinions maybe you should just find and ask the same question to the confessor? :)

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You're an asshole. Get off Tumblr! Stop dissing people. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Who wants to explain how a confession blog works to this lil angry Jennifer Lawrence fan

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I’m so sorry, I was so busy and not able to post but all of your confessions will be posted today!

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